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1. Please send an e-mail to register@penpalpartners.net with a short introduction of yourself to explain why you want join Pen Pal Partners.

2. You will be registered by us for the forum / discussion board by your individual and - if applicable - group name: FirstName_LastName_GROUP and will be sent your name + password via e-mail.

3. As soon as you have access to the forum, please introduce yourself in the members section.

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Our way of working

A) The network is open to individuals who are already committed or want to get engaged for death row inmates.

B) The network works together via this forum / discussion board. Respectful interaction is required. We do not tolerate racist, insulting, dehumanizing or violence glorifying statements.

C) Important information will be passed on to the forum members by e-mail newsletter as needed.

D) Whenever appropriate, the network as a whole or in parts exchanges and works with each other via ZOOM video conference.

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Goals of the network

1. to get to know each other, to exchange ideas about different ways of working in providing pen pals, and to be inspired by each other.

2. to help each other find concrete solutions to questions and problems, e.g. by exchanging information.

3. to establish or help to establish pen pal referral programs in countries around the world that still maintain the death penalty.

4. to expand pen pal referrals to death rows in various states of the USA.

Our vision

•    To create a network of committed individuals to organize, implement and support correspondence with as many death row prisoners as possible in every country which still has the death penalty.

•    We believe that every human being is worthy of respect and friendship, no matter what crimes they may have committed. We put this belief into action through our correspondence with death row prisoners.

•    Through changing people’s perception of prisoners on death row, we aim to speed up the total elimination of the death penalty as a vital step towards more compassionate justice systems worldwide.